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Teledesign Systems Inc. was founded in 1991 with the purpose of developing and manufacturing state of the art wireless data communications equipment. Since 1991 Teledesign has produced over 10,000 wireless modems. Our products are used worldwide and we have customers in over 30 countries.


We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Our goal is to make using our products as easy and painless as possible. To accomplish this Teledesign provides free technical support for all our products during all phases of sales, installation and use. In addition, we absolutely stand behind our products' quality and reliability. We provide free repair for any product failures which occur for reasons other than misuse or environmental damage.

Markets and Customers

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications including differential GPS navigation, camera control, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), oil and gas field monitoring, traffic monitoring and control, water and waste water management, environmental control and monitoring, and security and alarm systems.

Our customers include:

  • NASA - Camera control on the space shuttle.
  • Trimble Navigation (in conjunction with the FAA) - One of the first tests of GPS for aircraft landing.
  • Sydney Olympics 2000 - Camera control for various events.
  • Chevron - Oil field monitoring systems.
  • CALTRANS (California Department of Transportation) - Highway irrigation control.
  • ABC Sports - Camera control for the Goodyear blimp.
  • AT&T - Campus credit information systems.
  • Shell Oil - Oil field and offshore platform monitoring systems.
  • Unisys - Wind monitoring and display for PGA broadcasts.


Our products include wireless modems with integrated radios and also wireless modems which can be connected to land mobile radios (including trunked radios). In addition to modems, Teledesign Systems also provides a complete line of wireless modem accessories including antennas, cables, amplifiers, power supplies, and duplexers.

The TS4000 is our newest product. The TS4000 operates at data rates over 19200 bps and is available in the VHF, UHF and 900 MHz bands. The TS4000 has many advanced features including coding and diagnostics. It also has our AirNet packet protocol which provides complete data transfer management and store and forward repeating.

The TS2000 is a modem designed to be connected to any voice radios. The TS2000 has a very versatile radio interface which allows it to be connected to all brands of mobile and hand-held radios including radios using conventional and trunked repeater systems. The TS2000 can share a radio with existing voice operation which allows data to be added to an existing voice radio system. This makes the TS2000 ideal for AVL and fleet applications. The TS2000 also provides many data transfer management features including forward error correction (coding) and our AirNet packet protocol. The AirNet packet protocol provides complete data transfer management and includes store and forward repeat capability.

We are constantly improving our existing products and developing new products. We are very interested in your questions, comments and suggestions.

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