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Automatic vehicle location, also known as AVL, is a computer-based vehicle locating system. These systems have gained popularity with advancements in wireless technology and GPS. AVLs can accurately determine the position of a vehicle and send it back to the controlling station. The position determination process and communication methods may vary depending on the requirements.

A basic AVL comprises a set of receivers, modems, antenna, and digital communications systems. A network connects to a base station (equipped with PC, receiver and interface) and communicates the exact location of the vehicle. An AVL system can help in vehicle data collection by pinpointing the latitude, longitude, and speed of the vehicle and appropriately rerouting the vehicle.

An advanced version of AVL can also have:

  • Real-time passenger information
  • Automatic passenger counters
  • Automated fare payment systems
  • Automatic stop annunciation
  • Automated destination signs

Vehicle Component Monitoring

This vehicle locator can also be used for collecting data on trains. An important parameter that can be tracked is the temperature. Features like anti-detachment, anti-tamper and anti-tilt alarms are built into train location systems so that operational safety is achieved.

Advantages of an AVL:

  • Improves the efficiency of the dispatching procedure
  • Tracks the driver's adherence to a route
  • Informs customers about the estimated time of arrival
  • Communicates directly with drivers


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Industrial data collection

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