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Please feel free to download any of the files provided on this page. These files are provided free of charge to allow you to better evaluate our products. Please examine the information and files and contact us if you have any questions or wish to place an order.

Files are also available for existing customers. These files provide the latest firmware upgrades and configuration software versions.

AirTest and AirCalc Downloads
TS4000 Downloads
TS2000 Downloads
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AirTest Icon

AirTest and AirCalc Downloads

AirTest is a wireless modem test program for Windows PCs. AirTest allows our customers and potential customers to test evaluate and compare their wireless data communications equipment.


AirCalc is a wireless range estimation software package for Windows PCs.

The latest versions of AirTest and AirCalc are included in the TS4000 Configuration Program which is available for download below.


TS4000 Downloads


TS4000 Brochure

TS4000 Specification Sheet

TS4000 User's Manual

TS4000 Remote Diagnostics Brochure

TS4000 Firmware Upgrades


TS4000 Configuration Program Ver 6.60 - Zip File - Windows XP - Win7 Program

TS4000 Firmware Upgrade File Ver 6.67 - Zip File (used with configuration program)

TS4000 Applications

Redundancy Switch

Redundancy Switch Specifications

Redundancy Switch User's Manual

Unlicensed VHF

Unlicensed VHF MURS Information

TS4000 Modem Configuration for Unlicensed VHF Operation - CFG File (use with configuration program)

TS4000 FrequencyConfiguration for Unlicensed VHF Operation - FRQ File (use with configuration program)


TS2000 Downloads


TS2000 Brochure

TS2000 Specification Sheet

TS2000 User's Manual Ver. 3.03

TS2000 Firmware Upgrades

TS2000 Ver. 3.04

TS2000 Firmware Upgrade Ver 3.04 - DOS Program (ZIP file)

TS2000 Configuration Program Ver. 3.01 - DOS Program (ZIP file)

TS2000 Radio Installation Application Notes
Installation guides are available for the following radios. Please contact Teledesign to obtain them.

Kenwood TK-280/380/480/481
Kenwood TK-760/762/860/862
Kenwood TK-780/880/980/981
Kenwood TK-840/940/941
Kenwood TKB/TKR-720

Motorola GM300
Motorola M1225
Motorola SM50/SM120
Motorla MaxTrac
Motorla GTX 800 MHz
Motorla Spectra
Motorla Maxar

EFJohnson 8600 Series
EFJohnson 5876/5877
EFJohnson 7180-7187
EFJohnson LTR 7182/7186
EFJohnson 8640 LTR

Ericsson/GE PSX-200/PSX-SE
Ericsson/GE MDX
Ericsson/GE MTL

MDS 2310


Uniden SMS825

Vertex VX-3000



Collinear Antennas
Mobile Whip Antennas
Yagi Antennas
Phantom Antennas

Antenna Cables
Antenna Cable Adapters

Lightning Arrestor

RS-485 Adapter


Price List

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