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Teledesign Systems Introduces a Hot Standby Redundancy Switch for Industrial Wireless Modems

New product provides hot standby redundancy for applications that require ultra high reliability 

Milpitas, CA – October 18, 2006 - Teledesign Systems, Inc. ( announces the release of the TS0520 Redundancy Switch for the TS4000 wireless modem.  The redundancy switch, which is used with two TS4000s, provides hot standby redundancy with automatic fault detection and switch over in order to create a very high reliability node for wireless systems.   

The Redundancy Switch can be used with one or two power supplies and one or two power amplifiers.  When used with two power supplies or two power amplifiers, the Redundancy Switch provides hot standby redundancy with automatic fault detection and switch over for those components. 

The Redundancy Switch is ideal for use at central sites and repeater sites that are the most critical for overall system operation.  This prevents a single point of failure in a system from bringing down an entire wireless network. 

"Many of our TS4000s are used in systems that require very high reliability like water, oil and gas, railroad, electric utilities and environmental monitoring.  The Redundancy Switch allows us to dramatically reduce the possibility that a failure at one site will shut down a system.” said Bruce Delevaux, Vice President of Teledesign Systems, Inc.  "Our initial Redundancy Switches were shipped to the City of San Francisco for their water monitoring and control system which is one of the largest in the United States." 

About Teledesign Systems, Inc. 

Teledesign Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial modems for commercial, military and industrial data collection applications of any kind.  Their product line encompasses wireless modems with integrated radios and those for use with land mobile radios including trunked repeater based radios for remote data collection and mobile data collection. In addition, Teledesign Systems provides an array of wireless modem accessories including modem antennas, cables, amplifiers, power supplies, and duplexers. 

Teledesign Systems provides solutions for industrial applications where wireless modems or radio modems are required, sending radio data across narrow band spectrum or narrow band licensed spectrum. Industrial applications deploying their products include SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and telemetry systems for environmental monitoring, water and waste water, oil and gas, electric utilities, defense operations, unmanned aerial vehicles and RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) GPS. 

For further information contact:

Bruce Delevaux
Teledesign Systems Inc.

Download release here.

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