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Teledesign Systems Introduces Remote Diagnostics for Industrial Wireless Modems 

New product allows remote monitoring of wireless modems without interrupting normal communication. 

Milpitas, CA – October 25, 2006 - Teledesign Systems, Inc. ( presents the release of Remote Diagnostics, a new feature available for the TS4000 wireless modem.  Now, industrial wireless modem users can check the status of remote TS4000 modems, over the air, from any other TS4000. 

Remote Diagnostics gives users unprecedented control of remote modems; features include testing and verification of systems independent of host equipment, as well as easy determination of the radio coverage and signal quality between TS4000s.  Additionally, Remote Diagnostics is available while systems are in operation. 

Remote Diagnostics is supplied as a firmware option; all TS4000 modems are eligible for the upgrade.  Teledesign Systems provides free Windows display software with the TS4000 Configuration Software.  Remote diagnostic parameters include address, path, Receive Signal Strength (RSSI), input voltage, regulated voltage, transmit power, temperature and response time. 

"We're very excited to be able to offer remote diagnostics on our TS4000 wireless modems. Engineers working on SCADA and telemetry systems for water, waste water, electric utilities and environmental monitoring have told us that this was a feature that is becoming very important," said Bruce Delevaux, Vice President of Teledesign Systems, Inc.  "Though this is a firmware upgrade, we want to make it easy for customers to get this functionality so we have an upgrade program for existing systems as well as for new TS4000 purchases." 
"Our first units with remote diagnostics shipped to the Tennessee Valley Authority for a nuclear detection system and we have also just shipped upgrades to the US Army Corps of Engineers for a large water system." 
About Teledesign Systems, Inc. 
Teledesign Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial modems for commercial, military and industrial data collection applications of any kind.  Their product line encompasses wireless modems with integrated radios and those for use with land mobile radios including trunked repeater based radios for remote data collection and mobile data collection. In addition, Teledesign Systems provides an array of wireless modem accessories including antennas, cables, amplifiers, power supplies, and duplexers. 

Teledesign Systems provides solutions for industrial applications where wireless modems or radio modems are required, sending radio data across narrow band spectrum or narrow band licensed spectrum. Industrial applications deploying their products include SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and telemetry systems for environmental monitoring, water and waste water, oil and gas, electric utilities, defense operations, unmanned aerial vehicles and RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) GPS. 
For further information contact:

Bruce Delevaux
Teledesign Systems Inc.

Download release here.

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