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Wireless and remote RF communication is extremely important in defense operations and military data acquisition. Military officials are benefiting from the flexibility and safety provided by high-performance RF solutions for vehicle telemetry, robotic control, and enemy tracking.

Wireless communication technology provides a variety of useful functions for military mapping and data collection purposes. GPS (global positioning systems) and GIS (geographic information systems) are widely used in military data collection, as they are essentially spatial in nature.

GIS is a system similar to GPS using wireless technology. It deals with collection of information of geographically referenced data.

Some of the applications of wireless technology in military functions for data collection include:

  • Minefield mapping-military data collection
  • Navigation
  • Command and control-military data collection
  • Digital mapping and GIS, which help in warfare simulation, mission briefing, logistics management, etc.
  • Terrain evaluation for finding elevations, target firing, planning path of tanks/carriers, etc.
  • Naval operations, where various wireless gadgets are used to determine position in the sea, depth of the water, water currents, wave conditions, etc.

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Industrial wireless modems

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