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Many services and industries today use electromagnetic signals for communications, broadcast, air traffic navigation, etc. In such circumstances, it is quite possible that the signals will interfere with each other and result in loss of data or miscommunication. To avoid this, frequencies have been divided into bands or spectrums and allotted for specific services or applications. Since most of the applications use radio frequencies, the term 'radio frequency spectrum' was created.

A spectrum is divided into many channels. A narrow band spectrum has many channels within a single spectrum. A broadband on the other hand accommodates fewer channels and hence can be used for high-quality data and image applications.

As the frequency increases, the data transfer rate increases and the area of coverage decreases. Communication systems using a narrow band spectrum cover large area networks and utilize minimal industrial hardware such as industrial network controllers, industrial wireless gateways and modem antennas.

Features of narrow band spectrum systems:

  • These systems use a wireless gateway for transmitting data within a range of 200,000 to 350,000 square feet.
  • The systems transmit data at 4800/9600Bps (baud per second) or at 19.2Bps with transmitter power of 2W.
  • The systems have a comparable data transmission rate to spread spectrum systems.

Licensed narrow spectrum band

The frequency spectrum is usually divided into free-to-use and licensed bands. Regulatory bodies in each country/region have defined some standards for usage of spectrums. Any application/industry/service using this band has to have prior approval from the concerned authority.

A particular band of frequency, 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz in the narrow band spectrum, has been allotted to industrial applications and is commonly referred to as the industrial narrow band spectrum. The data used in industrial applications using narrow band spectrums is called narrow band spectrum data.


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Industrial wireless modems

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