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  Industrial wireless modems

Wireless Radio Modem for Vehicle Location and Wireless Communication  

Aboutown’s original operation, its taxicab fleet, leads the way for the eventual division-wide conversion to radio data modems for communications between cars and the distpatch station...  Read more.

Teledesign Systems Introduces Remote Diagnostics for Industrial Wireless Modems 

New product allows remote monitoring of wireless modems without interrupting normal communication. 

Milpitas, CA – October 25, 2006 - Teledesign Systems, Inc. ( presents the release of Remote Diagnostics, a new feature available for the TS4000 wireless modem.  Now, industrial wireless modem users can check the status of remote TS4000 modems, over the air, from any other TS4000...  Read more.

Teledesign Systems Introduces a Hot Standby Redundancy Switch for Industrial Wireless Modems

New product provides hot standby redundancy for applications that require ultra high reliability 

Milpitas, CA – October 18, 2006 - Teledesign Systems, Inc. ( announces the release of the TS0520 Redundancy Switch for the TS4000 wireless modem.  The redundancy switch, which is used with two TS4000s, provides hot standby redundancy with automatic fault detection and switch over in order to create a very high reliability node for wireless systems... Read more.   

Remote Diagnostics for the TS4000

Remote diagnostics is a TS4000 firmware option that allows the status of remote TS4000s to be checked, over the air, from any other TS4000.  This function is available through serial port 1 or serial port 2 of the TS4000.  Contact Teledesign or go to the downloads page for more information.

Redundancy Switch for the TS4000

A hot standby redundancy switch is now available for the TS4000.  The redundancy switch is used with two TS4000s to provide ultra high reliability.  In the event of a failure of a TS4000, power supply or amplifier, the redundancy switch will automatically switch over the the redundant pair.  Contact Teledesign or go to the downloads page for more information.

Unlicensed VHF

The VHF TS4000 (part# TS4000-05C15SBB) can now be used without a license on certain frequencies. Download this pdf document for more detailed information. Also see the downloads (TS4000 section) page for ready to go configuration files.

New features for the TS4000.

We have added a number of new features to the TS4000. To use these, go to the downloads page and download the new firmware upgrade and configuration software.

Clear Channel Scan - This enables the TS4000 to automatically select the best channel for communication.

Automatic CW Station ID - The TS4000 can be configured to periodically transmit a Morse code station ID. This complies with the new FCC rules for differential GPS.

AirScan - This is a new feature in the configuration program which enables the TS4000 to act as a frequency scanner.

Industrial modemsAirCalc

AirCalc is a wireless range estimation program. Go to the downloads section to download a free copy.

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