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RTK is an acronym for real-time kinematics. It is a technique used in areas where precision is paramount. RTK is a process of transmitting corrected GPS signals. The RTK data link has a reference receiver at an unknown location and one or more rover receivers. The corrected signal is transmitted from the reference receiver to the rover receivers.

GPS or Global Positioning System is used to accurately determine information about position. Differential GPS is used as a precision method to improve the accuracy of the calculation. However, RTK is employed in areas where performance of highest accuracy is desired. RTK assures a precision and accuracy level of 1 to 2 centimeters.

In the RTK, the reference receiver checks for errors, corrects the errors, formats the signals and sends it to the other GPS equipment. RTK data links are critical for collecting reliable and corrected GPS data. Factors like range, update rate, and error correction rate determine the quality of the RTK data link.

The RTK enabled GPS can be helpful in the following cases:

  • Compensating for atmospheric delay
  • Rectifying orbital errors and other variables in GPS geometry
  • Increasing positioning accuracy up to within a centimeter

Many professionals, such as engineers, topographers, surveyors, etc. use RTK. It is extensively useful in civil engineering and dredging applications.

Advantages of RTK:

  • It can be used both for precise position calculation as well as for navigation systems or automatic machine guidance.
  • It provides advantages over other traditional positioning and tracking methods, increasing productivity and accuracy.
  • GPS requires code phase signals, as well as the carrier phase to deliver the most accurate GPS information. RTK provides differential corrections to produce the most precise GPS positioning.


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